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Virginia Homesteader Workshops

Topic: Meat Chickens – From Chick to Crockpot
Date: Saturday, July 27th – 1 PM to approximately 5 PM
Cost: $50 per family (includes a dressed chicken)

Learn the entire process of raising chickens for meat, including:

  • Where do I get my chicks?
  • What is the difference in breeds?
  • What kind of feed do I use?
  • What kind of problems will I have?
  • How do I process this chicken?

Topic: Egg Chickens – From Chicken to Egg
Date: Saturday, August 10th – 1 PM to approximately 3 PM
Cost: $25 per family (includes a dozen eggs)

How to get started with a family flock, including:

  • When will the chickens start laying?
  • What are the differences in breeds?
  • How many eggs will I get each week?
  • What about predators?
  • How long do I keep these layers?

Topic: The Family Cow – Fresh Milk on Demand
Date: Saturday, August 24th – 4 PM to approximately 6:30 PM
Cost: $25 per family

A basic primer on the essentials of owning and milking a cow, including:

  • What kind of cow should I get…and where?
  • Doesn’t a cow just give milk all the time?
  • What do you do with the calf?
  • How to you milk by hand?
  • Is a machine better and how does it work?
  • What about storage?

Topic: Pastured Pigs – The healthy way to eat pork
Date: Saturday, September 7th – 1 PM to approximately 3 PM
Cost: $20 per family

Taking the leap to owning a pig and making it fun, including:

  • What kinds of breeds are there?
  • Where do I keep them?
  • Do they really just eat grass?
  • Why is it getting so big?
  • What now?


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