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Day 1- Whole30 Challenge

January 1, 2015

Happy New Year! We had a small get-together here at home with a couple guys Warren works with. We ended out the year with a huge pizza and icecream…so much for a smooth transition from real life to the Whole30. I totally forgot to gorge myself on truffles until 11:30pm, and at that point I wasn’t willing to be up all night just for one last fling. That’s what I get for waiting.


Last night I made Cracklin’ Chicken from (since I can’t do pizza, at least not without a lot of trouble) and it was totally amazing. Since we raise our own chickens and tend to freeze them whole, I don’t have bags of chicken thighs stashed away, but I will make this recipe anytime I can! It was just so good.

This morning we got up late and had a brunch, so we started off with eggs, sausage, onions and spinach, and sweet potato hash browns. I think those hash browns are going to be a good “go-to” food for the baby. They stick together well and I think she can use them as a snack or a take-along food. It’s hard to find grain-free snack foods for babies.


I’m sure I had a hashbrown recipe at one point, but it’s basically 1 egg, 1 cup shredded sweet potato, 2 T. almond flour, and salt and pepper. I fried ours in bacon grease, but lard or ghee works great too.

Lunch was Fotato Soup (a THM recipe) sans any dairy… topped with bacon and green onion. The kids had apples, and we all had homemade ranch dressing with veggies and I have to say that so many generous people have shared recipes with the world to make this way of eating easier! It’s great to have a whole day to be together and we are enjoying it in a restful way, mostly in my pjs. My Mom arrived today from FL (she made a quick run to Chick-fil-A before arriving…this Whole30 thing might be a stretch for her) and we feel very spoiled to have her here for a full week!


New Year’s dinner is traditionally fried chicken and black eyed peas and cornbread. No Whole30 subs for that great southern meal, but I’m making this paleo fried chicken from Everyday Maven. Peas and roasted veggies will round it out.

I will say that the one concession we’ve made on this journey is potatoes, most likely for the kids. None of us are doing this for weight loss, but blood sugar is a big concern, so we’ll just have to see how the addition of potatoes makes us feel. I’m thinking there’s a reason they are left off the plan. šŸ™‚

Here’s to a great first day of the year!

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