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Fresh Start

December 31, 2014

A long lost hello from our family, to yours. As most know, we scaled WAY back this year, farming mostly for ourselves with a little excess for family and friends. Initially we cut back because we were seeing areas of neglect in our family, and we know these years with our children are fleeting. As time when on, we also realized part of the “run down” feelings we were experiencing had a lot to do with Lyme disease in our family, so it was a sweet providence that we had already scaled back. It’s been a good year of focusing on our family and church family, and working to get back to 100% (or 90%…let’s be realistic).

In an effort to push the reset button on our bodies, so to speak, we are embarking on The Whole30 program starting tomorrow. For reals! I’ve been wheat-free and mostly sugar free for a few years, and had an allergy panel done earlier in the year revealing some egg and dairy sensitivities (I don’t buy into the fact that they are true “allergies” just gut imbalances that need to be healed…another post for another time). Those are major swaths of food groups, friends! However, there are people dedicating most of their time and energy into creating delicious meals that fall into those categories so I can just cook and eat! It’s a good time to have food sensitivities. 🙂

I am not kidding myself- these chocolate truffles have been my downfall over the last two months and will be calling out to me from under the stairs where we stashed all our non-Whole30 approved foods. All five boxes of non-approved foods! And this from a family who thought they were eating a “whole foods” diet. Warren is totally on board and his support is going to carry us through (no pressure, sweetheart!).

photoThat’s a low quality ipod picture of our food to stash…who knew?

On the other hand, I am SUPER excited about the fact that for the first time in four years, our whole family will be eating the exact same thing at every meal! My life just got so much easier! I have a whole month off from trying to make regular pancakes, and figuring out a way to make comparable gluten free versions for the two youngest girls and myself. And when I went grocery shopping it was fast and easy- mostly just produce and a few canned items. I figure we should start off with the positives to get ourselves psyched up.

January is going to be a month of self-control for our family, and eating is probably the most visable area, but we also have some Scripture memory goals and other spiritual disciplines we are planning to incorporate as a family. We know that what we do together will be more bearable than working on these things individually, so here’s to family unity (although at least one of my kids might call it “family suffering!”).

So, I am returning to this blog for at least a month for accountability, a little outlet (you may hear some ranting as Warren detoxes from his Christmas sugar-overload), and to pass on the amazing recipes we run across. Most of my meal ideas came from a cookbook I already had: Well Fed. It’s totally worth buying if you have need/desire to eat less carbs and more protein. Spice is everything when your food options are limited, and this cookbook has mastered spice!

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  1. Thomas Trice permalink
    January 1, 2015 12:13 pm


    • January 1, 2015 3:04 pm

      Unfortunately not- we used 15 for breakfast today! If you follow the link you can see the details, but we are eating meat, fat, veggies, and fruits (with seeds and nuts thrown in for good measure). Our only exception is white potatoes for the kids…and we haven’t decided about whether or not the parents will indulge in that carb. 🙂

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