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Haelen Farm Presents

July 3, 2013

The Virginia Homesteader:  Lessons in Doing it Yourself

Haelen Farm is pleased to present a short series of DIY homesteading workshops.  Each of the selected courses represents an area of demonstrated expertise and experience.  You, like me, may have read countless books and articles about one or more of the areas listed below, but may feel that it would really help to be able to SEE it and TOUCH it, so you can connect all the pieces you have read about.  Essentially, there is no way to completely replace the physical experience.

You may be completely new to the whole idea, you may have read all about it and are preparing to get started, or you might have some experience under your belt and simply want to compare notes.  There are many ways to farm and each farm will have its own nuances, based on its land, people, and personality. The way we do it isn’t necessarily the way you will, but I guarantee that you will have a better idea of what you want after you have something to compare it to.  You may even have some ideas for us to consider.

Each workshop will have both instruction and demonstration of the relevant focus.  You will see the cow milked, the chicken processed, and perhaps even some chicks hatching (for the sake of time, we will not process a pig!).

Please reserve your spot by emailing us at at least one week before the class date. Farm attire recommended (i.e. boots and something other than office casual).

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