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The spring rush

May 28, 2013

Alternate title: why we disappeared for two months.

Hello Long Lost Friends. Why yes, we are still here, and we do still have a farm, and a blog. But life gets particularly busy in the spring, even (maybe especially?) with the colder weather this year.

Our first batch of chicks came and went, and are already on some of your tables! Eating seasonally can be a hard transition, even if you do utilize a freezer, but it’s oh-so-refreshing when you get those long-awaited foods once again. That’s how I felt about chicken this year! If you are a customer, you know that we had a high mortality rate on our first batch- almost 60%- due to the cold, wet weather, and some feed issues. We talked to other farmers who experienced similar loss this spring. Farming provides a powerful daily reminder that we are not in control and we’re completely dependent on the God who made all of this bounty we enjoy. Our latest batch of chicks arrived a few days ago- all 185 of them- and we have already started them on their low GMO feed. For more detail s on that project, check out this previous post.


Our biggest batch of chicks to date



Inquiring minds want to know…

IMG_5129-002Our pigs- all 11 of them- are now in their own wooded area which we were able to secure on a neighboring property. Last year our pigs had pasture and imported acorns, some shade, and all our garden scraps, but we are especially excited to get them a little closer to their preferred habitat. They seem to be enjoying their new wooded home, and we are praying the coyotes will respect their territory (and the electric fences). If we have any problems, we can always move the donkeys in for a time. Speaking of pigs, we enjoyed a pan full of ribs yesterday with some friends and family- always a special treat.


IMG_5025Adding to our already very busy spring, we found out we were expecting baby #5, so I have been somewhat less useful around the house and farm during my first trimester. Thankfully, this has been my best pregnancy yet, so my morning sickness was minimal, and we were still able to accomplish some big projects like cleaning up and thinning out the strawberry bed. That hard work (which I only accomplished with the help of small hands), is already yielding the first strawberries of the season.


We might have a few ruined outfits this month…

IMG_5160-001Despite the activities we have to put aside during this early part of the year, we are continually thankful for the life we have here, and the beauty surrounding us. Every time I see the kids playing in the field, Warren heading out to milk with the baby on his back, or the kids covered in fresh strawberries, I have to smile.

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