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marvelous mason

February 19, 2013

The year was 2010. We were house hunting and it was our first look at what would become our home. It wasn’t like any house we imagined ourselves in (we were thinking a cute little bungalow, not a 1960’s ranch house), but we stopped in our tracks once we reached the basement. Lining the back two walls were narrow shelves, filled with empty glass jars. I did a quick count and there were at least one hundred. It was a built in canning storage area, complete with supplies! We whispered to each other that if we made an offer we wanted the jars to come with the house, and since the sellers had inherited the house, I’m sure they were thankful they didn’t have to cart them all out. We added our own collection of jars to theirs, and I still think I’ve purchased several dozen more in the last few years. The basement (and its contents) was hardly the tipping point in our decision to buy this house, but we like to think that the original owners would be glad their canning supplies are still in use fifty years later.


Clean jars waiting to be put away. That is the tricky part: where to store all these beauties?

True confessions: right now we have 17 mason jars in our fridge and two on top. The sizes vary from tiny jars of homemade jam,  mayo, and lemon juice  to half gallon jars filled with blueberry kombucha (which is what is also brewing away at room temperature in gallon jars on top). Funny side story- my kids recently said, “Mom, those jars have been up there for several years. What’s IN them?” Kids can be oblivious at times and other times they seem to notice everything.

We have jars of sauerkraut I made last summer but haven’t quite figured out how to incorporate into our diet. I really want to eat more cultured foods, but it’s  not a regular part of our meals, so I just let them live in my fridge, hoping somehow it will boost our immune systems. We have a jar of my favorite mango zucchini salsa- a recipe from a friend I will have to share once the zucchini is coming out our ears mid-summer. The great thing about that salsa: you can’t even tell it’s made with mostly zucchini, which makes it a real winner with Warren and the kids.  We store baby food in jars, leftovers in jars, coffee for an afternoon frappe…and that’s just what we keep in the kitchen. In other rooms you can find jars filled with change, receipts, baking soda for cleaning the bathroom, clothespins…the list goes on and on. It’s a little over the top. But you can’t beat them for clean, reusable containers!

What do you keep in mason jars?


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  1. Kimmy permalink
    February 20, 2013 7:21 am

    How fun to move in with so many jars! I don’t can much, but I do use jars fairly often — milk, sauerkraut, lard. And I love my little wide-mouth 8-oz jars, which we use for sealable bowls for packing lunches, etc.
    (Make some egg salad for that sauerkraut! Yum!)

  2. February 20, 2013 8:41 pm

    I keep all my dry beans or grains or seeds in mason jars. Also dried fruits~~

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