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Family fun day

January 22, 2013

The name says it all, right? Warren decided a while back that with all the long hours and work around here we needed to start dedicating one day a month to family fun. We’re not sure we will keep the name, just because it might be better to call it Family Relaxing Day, just to remind the kids that it doesn’t mean we will be acquiescing to their every whim. But it IS supposed to be fun, and they are the main reason we’re doing it.

With no open weekends in January, we chose yesterday to be Family Fun Day, since Warren had the day off. We slept in a little (7 am for Warren, then he graciously took the baby so I could continue on), and then enjoyed a leisurely breakfast of waffles and homemade bacon. The kids equate a fire in the fireplace with relaxing (vs. a fire in the wood stove in the basement= warmth) so the wood burned upstairs and down while they watched cartoons on the loveseat with Warren. It’s only a loveseat after all, so I sat in a chair and read. Still fun, right?

Then there was a brief intermission to wash and package eggs, because, Hey, there’s work do be done even on special days. That’s a farm life reality. Or really a family reality. We also sorted all the clothes before breakfast because a Monday without laundry makes for a week of being behind.

After lunch, the kids headed outside to design their wood-working project. For some bizarre reason, they’ve had in their mind that they would create some fantastic design out of wood, and Warren would build it. Our daughter asked for a carriage for her (pretend) hamster. What??!? She also wanted a new shelf in her room to serve as a desk, so she settled for that. Warren dutifully sanded and built away so they would have their wacky creations, and once they were finished they spent the rest of the day playing and it seemed their little hearts were satisfied that Family Fun Day was indeed a success. That left a little time for Warren to relax with his pipe and a friend, which he did until the sun went down and it was time to grill something for dinner. After dinner he hung some pictures for me as well as a wall-mounted lamp by my bed. So fun! 🙂



All in all I think the day served its intended purpose. We spent time together, we all felt like some relaxing took place, we ate special meals. Most of a all, we remembered that our hearts belong to each other.

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  1. LauraB permalink
    January 23, 2013 8:26 pm

    i LOVE it. Do it, even if it’s never convenient. You won’t be sorry:)

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