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A fresh start

January 1, 2013

I would say it’s ironic, but really it’s par for the course. The year 2013 is already keeping in step with the past few years. We were sitting down to a nice dinner of black eyed peas and ho’ cakes, keeping a long-held tradition in my family. Around 6:30pm our friend, Greg, showed up in full camo gear, saying he had a deer for us if we wanted it. Do we ever! Yesterday we ate the last pound of ground beef from a cow we purchased last year. We have one pound of venison in the freezer, and a pig waiting to be slaughtered this weekend. We do, of course, have lots of chicken stored away. But variety is the spice of life. It took a little getting used to, but I am learning to cook venison so that we can hardly tell it’s much different from beef.  Last week we had Cinnamon Beef Stew from my new favorite cookbook, Well Fed. So now it’s almost 9pm and Warren is out in the cold, cleaning a deer. We checked out a few books from the library on butchering and he’s already come up to the house once to reference a book. We’re learning as we go!

This first day of the new year lends itself to thoughts of change, clean slates and fresh starts. When we began this blog way back when, I don’t think we had any idea how challenging it would be to farm and garden AND blog about farming. There’s really not a lot of extra time when you are doing the former, but we enjoy both. It’s just that by the time we get around to the old keyboard it is pushing ten o’clock and you know, the cow has to be milked bright and early.

Cranberry jam

Cranberry jam (in the making) sweetened with honey. I could eat it on everything.

Even so, I am determined to have a little corner where I can share what is going on in our backyard and our kitchen. Almost every night we sit down to dinner, and Warren says, “Kids, you can’t….” and they finish his sentence with “buy food like this” because they know what he is going to say. I think it’s part flattery, and partly an effort to get them to realize how fortunate they are to be eating homemade and often home-grown food. We love eating and sharing good food, and farming is a means to that end. There is joy in both the means and the end. I think a small part of us knows we are righting some of the wrongs and abuses in our food system, and returning to the way God intended for the earth to be cared for and used. It is about the journey as well as all the good food along the way. I hope 2013 will bring many opportunities to share the journey with you, both online and in person, if you are local.

Happy New Year!



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  1. January 1, 2013 10:23 pm

    Happy new year and cannot wait for all the goods coming from your farm!

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