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Farewell to summer…

September 15, 2012

…And to chicken processing, at least until next Spring. We are really beginning to appreciate (love, adore, be filled with rapture about…) the seasons.

It’s 10am, and everything is cleaned up from this morning’s processing, and the chickens are iced down, waiting to be sold. Many thanks to our customers who helped make this 2012 season so great. I don’t have all the numbers in front of me, but I know that we more than doubled the chickens we raised since last year, and we only have two extra chickens in our freezer (apart from the ones we saved for ourselves).

In another news, we are currently cow-sitting a miniature jersey. This has added a whole new level of complexity to our little farm, and the learning curve is steep, but we are settling into some nice patterns.

With the extra milk has also come the advent of cheese-making in our house. This week we started with the easy cheeses, and made mozzarella and ricotta from the leftover whey. This made for some delicious pizza, especially since our vines are still giving us a few end-of-the season tomatoes for sauce. We also made about a pound of butter. Did you know that when the butter fat separates from the milk THAT is called buttermilk? It is lactose free, and so very sweet. The kind of buttermilk you buy in a store is actually clabbered milk, although it’s not really because all that milk is pasteurized and wouldn’t clabber on it’s own because there is nothing living about it. But I digress. From what I understand, buttermilk/clabbered milk is made by letting it sit out all day on the counter and curdle. Not sure we’re ready for that, but I know it’s good for you! Sweet real buttermilk is great in baked oatmeal, bread, muffins, or just drink it plain as a treat. The variety of dairy products made from just one dairy cow is amazing!

We look forward to seeing many of you today when you come to pick up your chicken. Hope your summer has been full of excitement!

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